Cavo Ventus

Weddings On The Caldera in Akrotiri
Available For Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Cavo Ventus is situated at a unique point on the Caldera of Akrotiri. Built on different levels around a 200 hundred year old stone windmill, Cavo Ventus has preserved the traditional architecture of the island. This wedding venue offers beautiful views from the private terrace of 400 square metres, pool area and garden.

The outdoor spaces and exterior design make it an ideal spot for hosting a wedding ceremony and reception. Cavo Ventus provides the pool area or the caldera terrace next to the pool bar for the reception.

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony can be held during afternoon hours
Capacity - Up 130 guests

Please Note

The management prefers that all wedding arrangements are done through wedding planners. The main condition for holding a reception at Cavo Ventus is the open bar operation upon guest arrival.

Music & Sound Policy

After midnight, music is lowered to preserve the serenity of the Caldera
Music stops at 02:00am

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