FAQ Sheet

Weddings Santorini

01 / If just the two of us are going to be at the ceremony, do we need witnesses for the wedding?

Many couples using our agency's services travel by themselves to Santorini. Some want to avoid all the hassle and fuss of planning a large wedding ceremony at home. If you come alone, without wedding guests, we will provide necessary witnesses for your wedding ceremony at no additional charge.

02 / Is the number of wedding guests limited?

The number of guests that you wish to have at your wedding ceremony or reception depends on your choice of venue.

03 / Can you arrange the wedding ceremony in Santorini with just a couple of weeks time of preparation?

Yes, we can organize the wedding as long as we can arrange the details ASAP.

04 / Is it possible for us to customize or add extras to the wedding packages?

Yes, you may customize any wedding package, either by adding a number of additional services we offer, or by proposing something totally different. All you have to do is let us know your requirements and we will be happy to put together a wedding customized to suit your individual needs.

05 / How long does the wedding ceremony last?

The entire wedding ceremony, from start to finish, lasts one hour including the photo session after the wedding.

06 / How many days prior the wedding date do you recommend we arrive?

We recommend that you arrive in Santorini 2 days before the scheduled wedding date, so you can acclimatise, relax, feel and look beautiful for your wedding day.

07 / Is it possible for both the bride and the groom to keep their old surnames?

Yes, it is possible.

08 / How long in advance should we choose a date for our wedding?

Weddings in Santorini are usually planned months in advance. It's best that you book your wedding date as soon as possible because Santorini is an extremely popular wedding destination.

09 / Are the prices given per person or for the couple?

Prices are per couple and include the total cost of the entire wedding package.