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Wedding Ceremony

Catholic Church

St. John's Cathedral

The Catholic wedding service is held in St. John the Baptist's Cathedral in Fira. A Catholic wedding service where the bride and groom are both Catholics is usually Nuptial Mass, where they will both receive Communion. In the case of marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic, the service could be performed outside of Mass, in a wedding ceremony without Communion.

Order of the Wedding Service

1. The groom is waiting in front of the altar. The bride is escorted to the altar by her father or whoever gives her away. This may be followed by organ music or a hymn
2. The priest starts the service and says a short prayer
3. Reading from the Bible. This part can be chosen by the couple
4. A psalm
5. Gospel reading chosen by the couple
6. The priest gives a short homily or sermon

The Vows

7. Exchanging vows in religious form
8. The couple place the rings on each other’s finger saying vows
9. Short bidding prayers are read for the new couple
10. Celebration of the Nuptial Mass if there is one
11. Reading of a Nuptial Blessing over the couple
12. If there is a Mass, the couple receives Communion
13. Final blessing
14. Signing the register with witnesses

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